How Whiskey And Cannabis: The Best Combination For Your Holiday!


Pairing marijuana with whiskey is definitely one of the best ways to celebrate the holidays. There is no greater pleasure than savoring the harmony of flavors, aromas and effects of both whiskey and cannabis during the holiday seasons.

The legalization of marijuana had two great results. First, it has made it easier and safer to find quality marijuana. Secondly, it has opened the market to different strains of cannabis. So right now, a marijuana connoisseur can safely choose among thousands of marijuana strains available today. Of course, to cultivate your own strain of cannabis and plant it indoor is always a good option. However, most people nowadays prefer to go to their local dispensaries to choose the most exotic cannabis strains in their neighborhood. It is always fun to surprise yourself by discovering new strain of cannabis.

In this regard, a new trend has started among old and new cannabis enthusiasts. This is pairing their favorite strain of cannabis with their favorite brand of whiskey. If you are looking for a new way to enjoy your cannabis this holiday season, perhaps you can try combining the two substances.

All types of whiskey and marijuana strains were developed through the years for their taste, aroma, and strength of effects. If you are going to pair one type of whiskey with another type of marijuana, you can come up with a wide array of combinations of flavors, aroma, and effects.

In terms of strains of cannabis, the primary things you need to consider is the amount of THC and CBD. The difference in percentage in composition of these compounds will determine the type of effects that you will get. Most of the time, marijuana strains are classified as indica, sativa, and hybrid.

As for the whiskey, it is important to know that it is a group of distilled alcohol which includes alcoholic beverages such as scotch, bourbon and rye. Whiskey is made up of different combinations of rye, corn, barley and/or wheat. The different percentages of composition, the origin of the ingredients, the length and method of fermentation all create a wide variety of characteristics of whiskey. Although there are different types of whiskey available right now, most type of whiskey can be categorized as malted whiskey (whiskey primarily made from barley), single malt, blended malt, blended whiskey mixes, and cask strength and single cask spirits.

It will take time for anyone to fully learn the best strains of cannabis for you and your preferred whiskey. It will take an even longer time for you to discover your preferred combination of both whiskey and cannabis. To help you in your pursuit for the perfect marijuana and whiskey combination, we list herewith some of the best combination of marijuana and whiskey. This is just a recommendation but if you truly want to make your job easier, you may try the following conditions:

  • 3 Kings and Bushmills 16 Year Old Single Malt Irish
  • Black Velvet and New Holland Hatter Royale Hopquila
  •      Blue God and Sazerac Rye/Alberta Rye Dark Batch
  • Pineapple Kush and Glenmorangie Artein Single Malt Scotch combination
  • SAGE and Redbreast 21 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey
  • Vortex and Jefferson’s Presidential Reserve Bourbon combination

Try these combinations and find for yourself which one of them suit your taste. On the other hand, as a word of caution, you need to use these two products responsibly. A wrong combination will not be deadly. What can be deadly is the amount you will ingest. So you need to know your limit. Some whiskeys possess high alcohol content that you might not be accustomed to and this poses a huge risk.

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